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September 21, 2017, 9:21 am
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Casino Winnings Returned to Texas Man

Big-hearted Greenwood resident returns lost $10000 to its rightful owner.

In December, Mitch Gilbert found two envelopes at Las Vegas airport.. To his shock, he found that the envelopes contained $10000.

He said, “Each of those envelopes had $5000 each. After that, I decided to inform the airport authority as I wanted to set an example for my children.”

Attempting to find the owner of the lost money proved difficult. The airport initially refused to give Gilbert the name of the man who had reported the money missing, saying that he should never have left the airport with the envelopes.

However, after Gilbert insisted, they said a Texas man called Ignacio Marques had reported the money missing. Gilbert said, “After that it was clear that he was the owner of the money.”

Marques had won the $10000 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas but believed he would never see it again. He was so grateful he gave Gilbert a $1000 reward for his honesty, and Gilbert transferred the remaining sum to Marques' bank account.

Marques said, “I strongly admire Mitch Gilbert for his honesty.”

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