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September 21, 2017, 9:23 am
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Disclaimer - UnitedKingdomCasinos

UnitedKingdomCasinos offers casino news, articles and game strategies. UnitedKingdomCasinos also reviews and advertises selected or affiliated casino rooms. As for the content that you read on UnitedKingdomCasinos, be assured that it is copyrighted content and that any use, without express written content of UnitedKingdomCasinos is a violation of trademark laws and applicable copyright. However, due to the fact that casinos frequently make changes to their information, promotions, rules and guidelines without prior notice, we cannot make a guarantee of any kind as to the accuracy, currency, or completeness of any information that you find on this website. Therefore, UnitedKingdomCasinos is not responsible for any errors that are present in our content and we reserve the right to make changes at anytime to any text, link, graphic or promotion that is listed on our website, without notice. UnitedKingdomCasinos recommends that you double check with the casino room’s website so that any inaccuracy can be avoided.

Also make sure to check your local laws before you sign up and start playing at any online casino that we advertise for or are affiliated with. Online casino gaming must be legal in your town, city, state, region or country of residence and you must be of legal age and pay applicable taxes in your country. UnitedKingdomCasinos also urges you to be responsible with respect to your online gaming and to respect all local and national laws in the area where you are playing or are going to play.

By visiting and playing at the casino rooms that we advertise and are affiliated with, you confirm that that you understand that it is possible that you lose some or all of the money that you wager. You also confirm that UnitedKingdomCasinos is not responsible for your losses. Any losses that are incurred while playing at any of these casinos are your own responsibility and not the responsibility of UnitedKingdomCasinos, or any other company or supplier that is affiliated with UnitedKingdomCasinos.

Besides not making warranties of any kind on accuracy and currency of information, UnitedKingdomCasinos also makes no warranties of any kind as to the fitness for use and for the bugs, errors, computer viruses or defects in any software provided by casino rooms, third parties or ourselves which could harm your personal computer or other personal device.

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