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September 21, 2017, 9:22 am
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Experience the Thrilling Challenge of Pai Gow

Anyone who loves playing poker will find Pai Gow to be a very rewarding, challenging, and exciting casino game. Traditionally, a pai gow game is an ancient Chinese game that is played using domino tiles.  However, most casinos offering pai gow online typically only provide players with the poker version.

Why? The primary reason is the game is not supported by the casino platforms of most major online casinos.  Furthermore, the original version of the game is quite complex to learn, which also makes it not a top choice for internet gambling operators who want to provide players with fast and easy entertainment.  Therefore, online pai gow poker is the preferred and more popular variation of the game you will most commonly find.

Despite the extreme lack of classic pai gow available to play on the web, you will find the card pai gow game version to be just as thrilling and fun.  Best of all, the game still provides a challenge and it takes a certain level of skill if players want to gain the most money rewards from it.

Online pai gow is similar to a seven card stud game.  However, its important players learn the rules, because unlike regular poker-styled games, pai gow is played with 53 cards and the best hand a player can have is five-of-a-kind.  As you can see, knowing the rules makes your odds of winning much higher.

Play pai gow online and you’ll experience a whole new type of casino card game entertainment.

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