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September 21, 2017, 9:24 am
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The new themes for scratch cards have raised problems for Camelot

The official operator of the national lottery in UK, Camelot, has faced problems because of the latest themes they have employed for scratch cards games.

Camelot has been accused of targeting youngster market in UK by selling lottery tickets and scratch cards in large amounts, which included themes of PacMan and Monopoly. The animations and childish graphics of these themes were believed to attract the youngsters in the United Kingdom.

As Daily Mail stated, the scratch cards attract young people easily due to their placement in sweets and gums. Therefore youngsters are very eager to buy them, disregarding the fact that the minimum age for purchasing scratch cards is 16 years old. Now, even children can buy these instant winning scratch cards easily.

Prof. Paddy O’Donnell stated that the themes of these new scratch cards are as addictive as alcohol for the youngsters, which is owed to the fact that they are packed in such a way to attract the young generation into buying them, disregarding the age limit.

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